Review material for Scientific Revolution survey course at JHU


I prepared this document for the Scientific Revolution survey exam at JHU. This page was converted to markdown from a docx file using Pandoc. Something went wrong with the format. The original document can be downloaded here (docx or PDF).

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  1. Continuity and discontinuity1 (the established versus the revolutionary)

    1. The question of how “revolutionary” the Scientific Revolution is: the actors own consciousness of doing something new2; the historiographical discussion about continuity and discontinuity3; appears to be more revolutionary in the theoretical aspect than the methodological aspect

    2. The issue of boundary-drawing: general discussion4; examples such as those in natural magic, alchemy-medicine (Paracelsianism, Helmontianism, and derivative chemical philosophy5), and astrology;

    3. The case of astronomy and astrology


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