COVID-19 Polar Express


Arctic Ocean

Several hours after leaving bed, I was above the Arctic Ocean. It was like a dream.

Before going on the trip back to China, I had been trapped, or prisoned, at my residence in Baltimore for almost half a year.

We have been used to the “illusion” of modern time. We have been used to measuring distance in terms of the time our modern transportation tools takes to travel from one place to another. We have also been used to the regularity delicately contrived by such tools and the infrastructure underneath.

Such multifold illusion was easily stripped out. Regularity first, then distance measured by modern travel-time. Normally it would take

It was not a dream, but a blend of dream and reality. The concept of “illusion” is deceptive. Just like the virtual reality is only virtually virtual. What the world has are difference kinds of realities, and our life constantly jumps from one to another.

Picture time and reflection time. As an attempt to re-discovery a different measurement of distance, I tried to locate the photos on Google Maps as accurately as possible. Photos were taken as the plane (flight number: DL159) moved along its trip from Detroit to Incheon, South Korea.

Hudson Bay (Google Maps link)

The Chersky Range in Northeastern Siberia (Google Maps link)

Ytyk-Kyuyol and road network (Google Maps link)

Somewhere in the Aldan Basin (Google Maps link)

Aldan Plateau and River (Google Maps link)

Aldan Plateau (Google Maps link)

A river valley on the Aldan Plateau (Google Maps link)

Leaving the Stanovoy Range (外興安嶺) (Google Maps link)

Songhua/Sunggari River 松花江 and Lalin River 拉林河 (Google Maps link)

And near destination:

Near Seungbongdo Island 승봉도(昇鳳島) (Google Maps link)